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My top ten favourite things after living in my post-renovated house

  1. outdoor speakers and a great sound system that has been set up properly and completed!
  2. timber cladding – high maintenance, but the addition of a soft, textural material just adds the right amount of warmth and grounding
  3. great lighting – we’ve moved from having glarey downlights which were either on or off to having plenty of options for both task and ambient lighting.  Feature pendants, wall lights, lamps and beautiful semi-recessed led downlights – heaven
  4. hardwood floors – beats the pine we were living with before.  Selecting the right floor has meant our ginormous lab can be a lab – without us stressing that she’s going to trash the floors
  5. separation – different zones means peace for everyone!
  6. my natural marble island bench – mince pies here we come!!  There was not a hesitation on our side about using marble – it’s warm, soft and beautiful to work on
  7. a rangehood that works
  8. lying in bed and seeing nothing but nature (and a little bit of cladding!)
  9. sheer curtains – heaven
  10. the way the house works – it is the first time we have lived in a home designed by an architect and what a difference it makes to the light and the overall sense of space.

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