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Nestled at the top of the world in Mt Buller, a former cold and modern ski lodge has been re-imagined into a warm, luxurious chalet suitable for a busy family. Natural materials like timber and stone were used to infuse warmth, while expansive windows invite the outdoors in. The redesign addressed issues such as tiled floors, white walls, and a poorly designed kitchen, replacing them with floorboards, timber ceilings, and a softer wall finish.

Functional solutions were integrated, including a playroom, a work-from-home area, and guest accommodations like custom sofa beds and built-in desks. Sustainability played a vital role, with toxin-free materials, recycled timber, thermal shutters, and insulated window furnishings.

The outcome is a harmonious blend of aesthetics and practicality, creating an inviting and eco-friendly space that embraces the natural surroundings and offers year-round comfort for the family.

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