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Image of a young girl, dog and cat sitting in a family window seat designed by Cranberry Design.


We know how hard it can be to manage your own interior design project - grappling with preferences, sourcing materials, sticking to budgets, and coordinating various trades can all culminate into a stress-inducing experience.


Our goal is to reframe the design-build process into an enjoyable journey. We will collaborate with you every step of the way, to create designs that are not only visually stunning but also infused with functionality and meticulous consideration. Above all, our designs are fashioned to be loved by you for years to come.


Experience has shown us that knowledge of our process helps clients feel confident with their renovation and comfortable for the duration of the project.  

For more on how we work, see below. 


Consultation Phase

Our journey begins with a friendly consultation, either in-person at your property or via video conference, where Wendy, our Principal Designer, will sit down with you. This crucial first step allows you to share your project's scope, lifestyle, style preferences, inspirations, timeline, and budget. By understanding your ideas, wants, and needs, we can set the stage for a tailored experience. During this phase, we'll also present our project proposal and consultation fees, giving you all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Research, Design and Presentation Phase

Following our collaborative discussion and confirming the direction that resonates with you and how much involvement you like, we'll take your input and transform it into creative designs and solutions for your space. In our next meeting, held within the comfort of our Design Studio, we'll unveil 2-3 floor layouts and an overall concept for your review and input. Once we've honed the design together, we'll bring it to life on a scaled Sketchup drawing, providing you with A3 copies in our subsequent meeting. Meanwhile, as we prepare these drawings (between sessions 2 and 3), you'll have the enjoyable task of selecting and confirming appliances and fixtures. Our list of items and sizes will guide your choices.


Meeting three is when the fun begins!! We will take you on a shopping excursion to handpick all the fittings, fixtures, and finishes that'll make your space shine. This might include selecting benchtop suppliers, tapware, baths, and joinery finishes. We will take all this information away with us, and in our final meeting, we will present everything in a cohesive document that is critical in ensuring that joinery finishes, hardware items, benchtops etc. all work within the design when drawn to scale.

Project Phase

As the design process draws to a close, you will have accurate designs established, materials and selections prices. From here, you have the opportunity to bring your designs to life through our comprehensive Design Management service, which includes:

  • Allocation of reputable and qualified builders / tradespeoples  

  • Liaising with the building designer for permits including engineering, planning permits etc

  • Supply of all fittings, fixtures, and finishes 

  • Design Management from conception to completion of the project

  • Orchestrating the installation and final styling of furniture, accessories, and window furnishings once the build wraps up

All the services we provide bear the hallmark of Cranberry Design's quality control. Our Design Management prices are tailored to each project and will be openly discussed when you receive the building and trades quotes.

Let's embark on this journey together, transforming your vision into a stunning reality.

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