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Nestled in the heart of Mt Buller, a once-cold and contemporary ski lodge has been transformed into a warm and luxurious chalet experience suitable for a busy family who lives and works from home.

The project brief was to create a warm and inviting space for a busy family that would be suitable for both living and working from home. The original design was more like a city apartment - white and cold. Using natural materials, such as timber and stone, helped to create a sense of warmth and cosiness, while large windows helped bring the beauty of the surrounding environment inside. The result is a functional and aesthetically pleasing space, providing the family with a comfortable and inviting retreat that they can enjoy year-round.

The original design included tiled floors, white walls, angles, huge windows, and a poorly designed kitchen. To address these design issues, uninviting elements were removed, and warmth was added to the space. Floorboards, a plastered rake to the underside of the staircase, and lining the entire raked ceiling with timber boards were introduced. The walls were finished in a French Wash, softening the stark white walls. The site presented constraints such as a large structural steel girder hidden in bulky joinery, which was transformed into an industrial statement to balance the weight of the recycled timber beams.

The client's need for a playroom, a work-from-home solution, and guest accommodation were addressed with a custom sofa bed and built-in desk in the fourth bedroom, and another bedroom was converted into a kid's retreat complete with custom bunks. Innovative design principles were used to create functional and multi-use spaces for various activities and family members. The living areas, kids' retreat, and master bedroom all contribute to the overall functionality and liveability of the space.

Sustainability was also a key consideration, with natural, toxin-free materials, recycled timber beams, and sustainable flooring all used to add to the project's sustainable outcomes. Thermal shutters, double-lined window furnishings for insulation, and ethically produced woven carpets with thermal conductivity were also incorporated into the design.

The result is a warm and inviting space that seamlessly blends form and function. The original design of the interior was incongruous with its rural setting, but the new design and soft finishes allow the existing features of the home to shine and create a functional and welcoming home that can be enjoyed throughout the year, whatever the weather. The redesign effectively addresses the shortcomings of the original design and creates a visually appealing space, taking advantage of the stunning views and integrating them into the design.

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