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Returning from Singapore to their property in Hawthorn, the owners sought to renovate their family home, including a new garage and parking area. Cranberry Design was tasked with designing internal layouts, joinery, selecting tapware and appliances, and creating a full home furniture and decor package that reflected the family's needs and love of travel.

The design concept aimed to preserve the existing house's feel while modernizing certain aspects, such as keeping the beloved chimney and optimizing outdoor spaces. The original pool was retained, and efforts were made to protect a beautiful oak tree in the back garden during construction.


The clients desired a quirky yet functional family home, accommodating frequent entertaining and providing privacy for their sons to host friends. They preferred hardwearing, easy-to-clean finishes, and favored natural materials over artificial ones, opting for Australian hardwood flooring, hard marble benches, and locally made furniture.

Max, the family chef, played a significant role in designing the kitchen, prioritizing functionality and a welcoming atmosphere for gatherings. Nat and Max's home workspaces were tailored to their individual preferences, with Nat's study featuring feminine wallpaper and Max's workspace balancing his preferences with a geometric paper.

Personal touches abound, including artwork and souvenirs from travels, showcasing the family's unique style and memories. The living room lamp, crafted by one of their sons as part of a school project, adds a special touch to the home's decor.

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