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We loved this project! To see a house completely change character in a few short weeks was absolutely incredible.  Cranberry Design first worked with this client on their holiday apartment in Mt Buller.  We were in the midst of re-inventing Berkeley St when suddenly, our client found the house of their dreams and decided to sell!  

After just six weeks, the house was transformed into the beauty it is now. The entrance and powder rooms had already been completed by us the year before - we used striking features throughout to balance the scale of the home. Pattern and colour were introduced through tiles and stone. Stunning concrete tiles in the entrance and graphic floor tiles in the bathrooms.  The collaboration between our client and us was a joy.  She knew what she wanted and had fantastic ideas - and together, we feel this project came together beautifully.  

In the weeks leading up to the sales campaign, we repainted the exterior of the home, painted the kitchen, replaced the stone and handles, repositioned existing art and styled every room with new furniture. The house was immediately snapped up by its lucky new owner, as soon as it hit the market.

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