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A property that shows the classics never go out of style. Purchased the property in 2012, the owners of this home were struggling to make the spaces work for how they wanted to live.  The entry to the home led guests into a long horizontal corridor that almost stopped them in their tracks. It was hard to know whether to go left or right and confusing as we are all used to walking in and then down a hallway. Immediately behind the entrance wall was a large L-shaped room with gorgeous views and a great connection to the outdoor spaces...but was too big and awkward to use just as a living room. 

We decided to create zones in this room - spaces where the clients could engage in a variety of different activities. A formal dining space, which was alongside a beautiful reading room with a new fireplace and some super comfortable linen armchairs to allow for relaxing with a book, or accessing the bar for a drink by the fire. A cosy formal living area was created in the smaller part of the room - the perfect smoking room after a lovely dinner party.
The bedrooms were repainted and redesigned to feel happy, enveloping and relaxed.  A stunning bench seat was built in under the window - completely oversized so that their 11-year-old daughter could have sleepovers there. New leather couches and casual, industrial furniture sourced from Bowral sit beautifully with the rustic Asian inspired furniture in the entry. Custom dining chairs with colourful buttons balance the handmade dining table in the kitchen, and a selection of the client’s artwork was carefully curated and hung with care by our wonderful picture hanger.

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