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6 Tips to Create a Feel-Good Living Room

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

It looks like we are going to be hibernating for a few more weeks yet, to help you out, we’ve compiled 6 tips to help create a feel-good living room. You won’t have to leave the house & even better they won’t cost you a cent!

A cosy living room with black labradoodle sitting on top of a soft grey sofa. The sofa has green and pink cushions on it, and behind the sofa is a fire place which you can see through to the dining table behind it.  There is a window seat to the left of the dining table with some soft cushions on it.
Time to get cosy!

To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of six tips to help create a feel-good family/living room. You won’t have to leave the house to implement them, & even better – they won’t cost you a cent!

On a side note, don’t try & makeover your entire home in one day. Work through it room by room over the next few weeks, making sure that you are only keeping furniture, linens, knick-knacks that you love, that you use & that make you happy (It’s time to get ruthless people!). We’ve started with the living room as this is the room that we are currently spending most of our time.

1. Let the light in! Open the shutters, pull back the curtains & open the windows (if it’s not too cold). Get some fresh air & let the sunshine in – instant mood booster!

2. Do a quick declutter. Grab a washing basket & spend five minutes walking around the room picking up the things that don’t belong in there. Clothes that have been lying around, puzzles or board games that you have finished with or plates that may have been left from a snack (teenagers, right). Now have a look around the room … are there pieces in there that you don’t love, or are just not suited to the area? The old painting that Aunt Bessie left you, the stack of DVD’s (even though you don’t have a DVD player any more 😂) the bunch of cooking magazines that have been sitting in the same spot for 12 months that you are going to get to (no, just me?) … it’s time to move them on to their next stage in life!

3. Squeaky Clean. Get everyone in the family to help you with this one – make it a game or a workout if need be! Dust, wipe, vacuum, give the windows a once over … create a bit of calm in the chaos of the moment!

4. Add a touch of green. You’ll notice that in all the photos of our finished homes, we have a bunch of gorgeous flowers or a beautiful indoor plant on display. Plants in the home bring a sense of comfort, add some freshness & clean the air. Don’t have anything in the house? Go out into the backyard (or nicely ask your neighbour over the fence), grab a branch or some leaves & place them in a vase.

5. Change it up. Is the layout of the room really working? Has the furniture been in the same place since you moved in? Why not rearrange the furniture, add some pieces from other rooms or get rid of the chair that everyone bangs in to. Try the new arrangement for a few days … if it works fantastic, if it doesn’t, it's easy to switch it back.

Comfy brown letaher couches in family room with wooden coffee table and accents in red.
Change is as good as a holiday!

6. Get comfy. Nothing better when it’s cool or when the night air hits than getting all snug & cozy. Make sure to plump up your cushions and have a few throws gently draped over the couch for when it gets a bit nippy. When it starts to get dark, light a couple of c&les, turn on a lamp or two or dim the lights to create a warm and inviting room feel. Turn off the downlights after dinner and let the mood wash over you.

While you're at it, why not head over to our guide on how to keep your sofa in tip-top condition!

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