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How To Look After Your Curtains

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

Image a beautiflly designed family room featuring dusty pink curtains.

Drapery plays a significant role in your home's style and feel; it really is such an important interior design element. Taking proper care of your curtains will keep your home looking its best and ensure their longevity and make for a healthy, happier home. While they may not look dirty, curtains can hold a lot of moisture, marks from dirty hands, and dust, affecting the air quality in your home.

How to care for your curtains depends on the material they are made of. In addition to dust and grime, the sun is destructive to fabrics. Light-coloured fabrics are better at reflecting sunlight and are more fade resistant. Darker colours are prone to fading due to absorbing light. Try fade-resistant materials, lined curtains, blinds, or shades to protect your curtains from the sun.

Read on for our tips on the best way to clean and care for your curtains.

Keeping your curtains clean

Your curtains will naturally attract dust and dirt. To help keep them looking clean and fresh, we recommend giving them a daily gentle shake (from the bottom up). Regular lint rolling or using the soft brush attachment on your handheld vacuum – is a fast, easy and effective way to remove any surface dirt.

Washing your curtains

Always check your label or cleaning instructions before washing your curtains; many fabrics can be easily damaged and are too delicate for the washing machine. And only wash them if they are labelled washable. Unsure? Don't risk ruining your investment. Take them to your local dry cleaner to have them professionally cleaned.

Before washing, spot check your curtain's colourfastness with a small piece of material on the corner or back of the hem. Also, make sure all hardware has been removed so as not to pull during washing.

If the washing instructions state that you can machine wash your curtains, check the recommended temperature for both washing and drying. Treating fabrics with hot water may cause them to shrink. Delicate, embellished and pleated fabrics should be washed on a cold, slow cycle to avoid discolouration and shrinkage or, even better, hand-washed in the bath. Use a mild detergent to avoid the material bleaching, running or fading.

Drying your curtains

Do not use your dryer! Do not use pegs! The best way to dry your curtains is by leaving them to air dry back up on their pole or by their hooks on a solid line in the shade. Air drying will also help to remove any creases. Once dry, if needed and the fabric allows, you can iron the fabric on its reverse side on a warm setting or use a steamer on a low setting, going from top to bottom.

Please note: These are general instructions; if your curtains came with specific cleaning instructions, please follow those instructions.

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