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Warm and Luxurious Mt Buller Chalet Transformation

Step into this gorgeous Mt Buller chalet transformation, where a once-cold ski lodge becomes a stylish and cosy family sanctuary.

Nestled in the heart of Mt Buller, our recent interior design project has breathed new life into a contemporary ski lodge, crafting a warm and luxurious chalet experience. With a focus on creating a space suitable for a busy family that lives and works from home, we set out to infuse this dwelling with comfort, functionality, and a deep connection to its stunning surroundings.

A Stylish Evolution

The original design resembled a stark city apartment with white and cold elements. To turn this space into a haven of warmth and cosiness, we embraced the beauty of natural materials like timber and stone. The strategic use of large windows brought the breathtaking scenery indoors, seamlessly blending the interior with the outdoors. The result is a functional and aesthetically pleasing space, offering the family a year-round retreat filled with style and comfort.

Reimagining the Interior

The project involved a number of changes to address the design shortcomings. Uninviting elements, such as tiled floors and stark white walls, were replaced. We introduced wooden floorboards, added a plastered rake to the underside of the staircase, and lined the raked ceiling with timber boards, creating an inviting atmosphere. The walls received a soft French Wash finish, further enhancing the warm ambience. We even transformed a large structural steel girder hidden in bulky joinery, turning it into an eye-catching industrial statement that perfectly balanced the recycled timber beams.

Family-Focused Solutions

Innovative design principles were implemented to address the client's needs for a playroom, a functional work-from-home space, and guest accommodation. The fourth bedroom's custom sofa bed and built-in desk offered a versatile work and guest area. The living areas, kids' retreat, and master bedroom all now contribute to the overall functionality and comfort of the space.

Sustainable Living

At the heart of our design philosophy lies sustainability. To create eco-conscious solutions, we utilised natural, toxin-free materials, recycled timber beams, and sustainable flooring throughout the chalet. The incorporation of thermal shutters, double-lined window furnishings, and ethically produced woven carpets with thermal conductivity further ensured a space that's both energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.

Harmony with Nature

Our redesign not only celebrates the warmth of a luxurious chalet but also embraces its gorgeous setting. The soft finishes and thoughtful design allow the existing features of the home to shine, seamlessly integrating with the surrounding natural beauty. This harmonious blend creates a welcoming haven that can be enjoyed throughout the year, embracing every season with grace.

The Mt Buller chalet project showcases the transformative power of interior design. From a once-cold ski lodge, it has blossomed into a warm and inviting family retreat. Embracing a perfect balance of form and function, this chalet now stands as a testament to the artful blend of luxury, comfort, and sustainability.

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