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The Interior Design Process (Part 2)

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

In Part 1 of our blog, The Interior Design Process, we talked about the Consultation Phase. This is where we got to meet you, learn about your lifestyle and your dreams and plans for your home. We've since set up a shared Pinterest Board sharing inspiration pics and getting a feel for your style vision, colour choices and what brings you joy.

After discussing the brief and confirming the direction and how much involvement you as the client like, we will take your brief and work on creative design options for your space.

The Research, Design and Presentation Phase

A client is sitting at a wooden table feeling and looking at a swatch of different fabrics.

In our second meeting, held in the Cranberry Studio, we will present you with two to three floor layouts and an overall concept ready for your input and collaboration. Usually, our clients have a clear favourite; sometimes, they might like elements from each of the layouts. Together, we will work on a final design that meets your needs. Once finalised, we will draw it up to scale using Sketchup or CAD so that we can hand you A3 copies at our next meeting.

While we are preparing these A3 drawings (between sessions 2 and 3), is where the real fun begins! This is where we select all your appliances, fixtures and fittings. Depending on your brief we will either select everything for you to save you the time and hassle – then take you on a shopping trip to double-check you are happy with everything... or we will supply you with a list of items and sizes to choose from and you can choose the perfect options for your space.

We will take all this information away with us, and in our final meeting, we will present everything in a cohesive document that is critical in ensuring that joinery finishes, hardware items, benchtops all work within the design when drawn to scale and that the overall look and feel suits you and your family and how you like to live.

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The Interior Design Process

4. Installation Day

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