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The Interior Design Process (Part 3)

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

Our previous blog talked about the second stage of the design process, the research design and presentation phase.

Modern apartment kitchen featuring a white marble bench top, black cabinetry with brass handles, brass tap on the sking and a brass splashback.

As the design process draws to a close, you will have accurate designs established, materials and selection prices.

From here, you have the opportunity to bring your design to life through our comprehensive Design Management service, which includes:

  • Allocation of reputable and qualified builders/tradespeople

  • Liaising with the building designer for permits, including engineering, planning permits etc

  • Supply of all fittings, fixtures, and finishes

  • Design Management from conception to completion of the project

  • Installation and final styling of all furniture, accessories, and window furnishings at the completion of the build

(All our services are quality controlled by Cranberry, and our Design Management prices are costed per project. These will be discussed with you at the time of receiving the building and trades quotes.)

If proceeding with our Design Management Service, we will meet with our selected builder and obtain a labour quote.

Paperwork will be finalised, and we will discuss project start dates and the expected time frame for the completed project. During the Project Phase, we will work closely with the builder, tradespeople and suppliers involved for the duration of the job.

Don't miss out on the most fun Stage 4 - Installation Day

The Interior Design Process

3. The Project Phase; and

4. Installation Day

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